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You & Eye Club

Tired of paying for vision insurance that doesn't cover what you need?  Let's cut out the middle man, and keep it between You & Eye!

You & Eye Club is a program available exclusively at BRFE which provides you with complete eyewear and eyecare services. This plan can be tailored to your individual needs to include a comprehensive eye exam and unlimited glasses, contacts, adjustments, repairs, and cleaning care.

A majority of patients with vision plans (VSP/Eyemed) end up spending MORE money for LESS services compared to patients who pay out of pocket. Vision plans have hidden additional costs in the form of copays and premiums automatically deducted from your paycheck.

You & Eye Club provides a flat rate for eye exams and glasses with no hidden costs. By minimizing administrative time involved with insurances, we are able to decrease costs for our products and services. These savings are then passed on to our patients. Less work for us = more savings for you!

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NO Membership fee

NO Deductible

NO Copay

NO Use it or Lose it

• Comprehensive eye examination

• Panoramic digital retinal imaging

• Glaucoma screening

• Macular degeneration screening

• Dilation if necessary

• Frame & Lens bundles

• Contact lens evaluation & 


• Glasses repair &


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